Jun 30, 2020
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In the second chapter of my book, the tale is being replaced by harsh reality. ⠀ When …

In the second chapter of my book, the tale is being replaced by harsh reality. ⠀ When I was 12, a sudden crisis took us from a rural paradise to the city of Nalchik, where a house and a garden of one and a half hectares turned into a small dirty treshka, and only hordes of cockroaches remained of beautiful animals in the neighborhood. ⠀ I now remember this mixture of disgust and rejection of what was happening when we meticulously washed every inch of our new “house”. It seemed that there was nowhere worse, but soon a three-ruble for six and completely replaced kopeck piece. ⠀ Grades 8 and 9 I studied at different schools in Nalchik. With my obvious leadership qualities, it was so humiliating to be a "rural girl" that in any team I first tried to make friends with the brightest, strongest and most interesting guys. By the way, the complexes have passed, and the habit of creating your environment on this principle has remained for life. ⠀ After 9th grade, I entered the School of Culture and Arts and my relationship with talent, which proved to be in early childhood, moved from the level of passion to the level of vocation. ⠀ At 17, every day after class, I started working as a singer in a restaurant. This helped me to become such a support at that moment for my parents, who somehow provided the family with hard work in the market both in the heat and in the cold. It was then that I first realized the value of my talent and realized that its capabilities went beyond applause and compliments. ⠀ I dreamed about Moscow. Once on TV there was a report about the Gnesins Academy of Music. I was fascinated to catch every word and thought: "Lord, what do I want to do there." It was incomprehensible to the mind to learn from people like Valeria, Joseph Kobzon or Alla Pugacheva. ⠀ My mother and I sat in our apartment full of cockroaches, and I said: “You see, mom, I’ll definitely go there. I’ll move to Moscow, become very rich and successful, marry a cool businessman, buy you a big house and we all we’ll be happy. "⠀ And my mother smiled and answered:" Well, yes, yes, of course, dear. Fantasy. "⠀ And I fantasized. Desperate and drunk. Like then, in a magic treehouse. And she still believed that all dreams once inevitably become reality ре

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