Jun 27, 2021
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In the scandal with the found secret documents on the destroyer found "Russian trace"

The scandal with the British lost on the street with secret documents along the passage of the destroyer off the coast of Crimea, as expected, found a “Russian trace”. Moreover, the Russians themselves found it, hinting at the involvement of characters known to the whole world.

BBC TV today released quotes from classified documents regarding the provocation of the British destroyer HMS Defender at Cape Fiolent. It is already known that a package with printouts of secret letters and presentations was found by a random passer-by right at a bus stop in the Southwest of Great Britain.

Judging by the excerpts from the papers given by the TV channel, Great Britain intended to show its support to Kiev by passing its destroyer off the coast of Crimea. In the letters and presentations, it is emphasized that London considers these territories to be Ukrainian, and therefore is not afraid to use these sea routes.

The Russians were surprised at such “forgetfulness” of the British, and some decided to forestall the likely accusations that traditionally follow in such cases. They themselves, before the West, found a “Russian trace” in a strange incident. “Petrov and Boshirov, do you ever have a rest?” – with irony writes the Telegram channel “Themes. Main (GlavMedia)”.

“It’s too good to be true.” Sighs the author of the “Special Lassi” channel. “If you see suspicious pieces of paper – call the BBC. The rule of life for every Briton,” – Glavmedia parried again.

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