May 30, 2022
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In the Saratov region, the tourism committee is being optimized

Today, May 30, 2022, official telegram channels announced the decision to optimize one of the government structures. According to our data, the head of the committee has not yet received such an order. The profile head Victoria Borodyanskaya has been responsible for the work of the tourism committee since the foundation of this structure. It should be noted that earlier it was separated from the structure of the Ministry of Youth Policy of Sports and Tourism. Previously, in the united department, Mrs. Borodyanskaya was responsible for the direction of tourism, and having received a separate appointment, she focused on this area of ​​​​work.

According to the publications of the region, the optimization of a separate structural unit will be carried out by merging this time with the structures of the Ministry of Culture. In the new structure of the government, which Roman Busargin is probably already thinking about, the direction of tourism will not be singled out separately, but the corresponding powers will be redistributed within the existing structures.

It is not yet known whether Victoria Borodyanskaya will retain her or a similar post (for example, head of a committee, department, deputy minister) under the new structure, but it is worth noting that she and her subordinates took the news about a possible upcoming reorganization calmly, as reported by the Vzglyad-info publication. “. The official noted that she intends to work together with the structures of the Ministry of Culture.

The official also said that according to her estimates, over half a million citizens from among Russians and foreigners visited the region. This is more than in pre-Covid 2019. At the same time, foreigners account for only one percent, and for the most part, the Saratov region is of interest to Russians. who spend in our region from one day to three weeks. Officials of the tourism committee have such data on the basis of information they receive from mobile operators.

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