Nov 18, 2022
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In the program of Andrei Norkin, the runaway stars were discussed


Host Andrey Norkin raised a hot topic.

Network stars boast of a luxurious life abroad, but continue to earn on the Russian audience. In the program “Meeting Place” on the NTV channel, such bloggers who left were discussed. Experts are indignant that they receive multimillion-dollar fees as if nothing had happened.

The program of the NTV channel discussed the scandalous video Nekoglaya about the Russian military. For his trick, the streamer received a fine and was deported from Russia. The blogger also made a public apology, but show experts doubt their sincerity. They suggest: Nekoglai will go to the Emirates, like other stars of the Network, where he can continue to shoot odious videos.

Andrey Norkin - photo from the archive -
Andrey Norkin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Let’s look at examples. So they all left for this same Dubai. Well, it’s warm there, well, tea is growing. AND? Something has changed? – the presenter Andrey Norkin argued. – Danya Milokhin first had fun in Dubai. Now he is moving to America and offers to watch his entertainment there. The family of blogger Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan decided to continue their business in social networks from the United Arab Emirates. They recently bought an apartment in Dubai for 38 million. Now they are shooting videos about organizing a wedding party in honor of the anniversary. The bride plans to spend 3-4 million on dresses alone. Some bloggers changed their place of residence in the spring. Instasamka drove off to the Emirates. However, her fans in our country did not decrease from this. The girl now talks about her “difficult” life in Dubai in English, and gives concerts in Kazakhstan. Nyusha talks in detail about life in the area for millionaires. The main info-gypsy of the country, Elena Blinovskaya, also settled nearby and became a resident of the United Arab Emirates. Tiktoker Dina Saeva also hangs out in Dubai. So, I propose that, as a regulation, it is legally forbidden to blog, elements of the dolce vita – and everything will be fine!“.

In response, lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky spoke sharply about the emigrated stars. “This whole mold, sorry, they all look the same to me. This phenomenon is living out its last months. They are bragging now, but blogging from Dubai, performing in Kazakhstan is completely different than performing in Moscow“, he said.

However, there were those representatives of Internet celebrities who received rave reviews from experts. So, for example, everyone was delighted with the act of Olga Buzova. In October, the artist visited the Donbass with humanitarian aid, Kurban Omarov shot a video with the participation of the military, and the author of the blog “Oh, how simple!” arrived in Donetsk.

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