Jan 28, 2021
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In the new structure of the Security Council of Moldova, the majority of the citizens of Romania

Security Council as a threat to Moldovan statehood

The first meeting of the Supreme Security Council with a new composition took place in Moldova.

Recall the President of Moldova Maya Sandu on the eve changed the composition of the Security Council, including the presidential advisers and deputies of the pro-presidential party NOT

In addition, Sandu announced that not all council members will be invited to the meetings.

“I have some doubts about their ability to make the right decisions on state security issues, and I reserve the right not to invite them to discussions when I think there is a conflict of interest or its risk,”

– said the president, without specifying who they are talking about.

However, the country still has a law “On State Security”, which clearly and clearly lists the persons who are mandatory members of the SCB: the speaker of the parliament, the prime minister, the heads of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SIB, the Prosecutor General, the head of the National Bank and the head of the relevant parliamentary commission. At the same time, the president does not have the authority to remove any member of the SCB from meetings.

The first meeting of the Security Council was devoted to corruption and the fight against it. Maia Sandu opened the meeting with the words:

“We are the most corrupt country, and some of you are to blame for this.”

The President named the main problems that the VSB will solve: the case of the “theft of a billion”, the concession of the Chisinau airport, the loss of Moldovan property in Ukraine, smuggling, the fight against drug trafficking, illegal deforestation and, of course, the fight against the pandemic.

The change in the composition of the Security Council, as well as its first meeting, has already caused a lot of criticism among experts and political scientists. And the most important comment concerns the citizenship of the representatives of the Security Council.

“How many members of the Supreme Security Council have not only Moldovan citizenship? To which countries did these gentlemen swear allegiance, except for Moldova? Who else did they swear to defend freedom, independence and national interests? It seems to me in the old fashioned way that it matters when we say the word “state security”

– the political scientist asks questions Mark Tkachuk… According to him, only two members of the VSB have one citizenship – Moldovan – the Prosecutor General and the head of the ISS.

The experts agreed on one thing: Maya Sandu turned the meeting of the Security Council into a “solo performance.” The Supreme Security Council no longer looks like a council and poses a danger to the country, the journalist believes Alexander Isaev… And the PSRM deputy and political scientist Bogdan Tsyrdya called the first meeting of the VSB “cheap show”.

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