Jun 30, 2020
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In the Network again discuss the similarity of the grown sons of Anastasia Stotskaya and Philip Kirkorov

Famous Russian singer Anastasia Stotskaya has published on his page in social network Instagram photo which poses with his grown up son, Philip Kirkorov and his heir on the birthday of the latter. The fans then started talking about the incredible similarity of the heir to the celebrity with the son of the king of Russian pop scene.

In the Network again discuss the similarity of the grown sons of Anastasia Stotskaya and Philip Kirkorov

The picture, by the way, was taken during the birthday of the son of Philip Kirkorov Martin, it is the artist posing in the company of the birthday boy and his son. “Yesterday was a great holiday, birthday of Martin Kirkorov. The kids were excited,” – reads the caption Stotsky under one of the pictures. However, fans of the singer immediately began talking about the holiday and how similar were the children of artists. And because in a Network with a new force began to discuss not only the similarity of the children of celebrities, but who really is the father of the son of the singer, the official whose father is businessman Sergey Abgaryan. The fact that many of the commentators noticed how similar the boys on the published images.

By the way, the rumors that his son Anastasia Stotskaya gave birth to it from a colleague, go for a long time. The artist just laughs over them, stressing that he loves his wife, and Philip Bedrosovich remains her good friend.

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