May 13, 2020
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In the National Security and Defense Council consider that in Ukraine there can be a shortage of water

The last five years in Ukraine have been low-water, so there is a likelihood of a water shortage in the basins of some rivers that carry a significant anthropogenic load (that is, they are used by the state and the population for their needs). This is discussed in the message of the NSDC press service from 13 on May.

The data of the State Agency for Water Resources of Ukraine, which were discussed at a meeting of the NSDC profile working group, indicate that providing the population with quality drinking water requires optimization of use available water resources. According to Alexei Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, , this is a matter of state security in the face of climate change.

Danilov considers it important to conduct a complete inventory of drinking water-quality groundwater sources and artesian wells to connect them to water supply systems. He also noted that the likelihood of water shortages will require optimization of the use of water resources and economical water consumption.

The meeting also spoke about the need to raise money for the modernization of centralized water supply systems in order to provide the population with quality drinking water.

The issue of the need to develop a water strategy for Ukraine was discussed. Following the meeting, the NSDC made recommendations for the Cabinet of Ministers on ensuring water security in Ukraine in 2020 year.

Earlier it became known that in Desna in May 2020 of the year the minimum water level for the last 70 was recorded. The difference with the norm is about 5 meters.

As previously reported by the CP in Ukraine, some experts predict our country years of drought and hurricanes. A crop failure in this case threatens a rise in prices for potatoes, vegetables and domestic bread.


In the Odessa region - the strongest for 70 years of drought?

Due to the heat and drought near Odessa, up to half a million hectares of winter crops can die, and the damage will be two billion hryvnia. In addition, farmers now need help to save themselves from bankruptcy. About this 10 in May on his Facebook page wrote the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Maxim Kutsy. He asks the Cabinet of Ministers to help the region and prevent the bankruptcy of a number of agricultural enterprises due to drought

- Farmers say that there has not been such a drought in the Odessa region since the time of the famine 1947 of the year. In addition to the challenges associated with the coronavirus epidemic, the Odessa region is on the verge of yet another critical and very dangerous situation - the death of half a million hectares of winter crops due to drought. This is more than 50% of all crops in the region.

According to the governor, last year the region collected 3.7 million tons of crops, but this year, according to forecasts, it will be able to reach only 1.2 million tons. He stated that the agricultural enterprises of Bessarabia are facing bankruptcy, and the budget is facing a significant shortage of funds.

- Today I met with farmers of the Bolgradsky district - we assessed the extent of the damage and discussed all possible threats, because the households have been suffering from drought for the second year and could lose up to 2 billion UAH, said Kutsyi.

As previously reported by the Communist Party in Ukraine, a natural emergency was introduced in Belgorod-Dniester district of Odessa region in connection with crop loss due to drought. Emergency mode can be extended to other areas.


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