May 15, 2020
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In the Lugansk region for more than a week there are no new patients with COVID-19. In the RSA called the reason

In the Lugansk region there are no new cases of COVID disease for nine days - 18, but the end of the epidemic in the region is still too early to say. This was announced in the commentary hromadske by the chairman of the Lugansk regional state administration Sergey Gaidai.

According to him, in the Luhansk region, large-scale infection was prevented due to strict quarantine measures, in particular the closure of markets and the region’s borders.

“If you look at statistics in other areas, you can see that people and doctors are sick and dying. Our statistics are the consequences of tough quarantine measures. There are factors that have worked to our advantage, - it’s that the region is located on the other side of the country, that it is non-tourist because of aggression. But any person could bring the virus, and the epidemic would begin, "he noted.

Gaidai added that there were only four sources of COVID penetration in the region - 18 - one case of infection from a MP, one case worker who arrived from Poland, and two men who had come from Moscow. The remaining infections have already gone from them, he is sure.

“Until I see the positive dynamics in the country as a whole, I will not calm down. If the disease is brought here, a new wave will go. we have a clear example when one female social worker talked to a patient who was visually healthy, got infected from him, and, feeling fine, went to work. From 10 the people with whom she spoke, six fell ill, "said the head of the Regional State Administration

For the entire pandemic in the region, COVID fell ill - 19) 24 man, 18 of them recovered, 19 are being treated, reports the Regional State Administration.

As of 11 in Ukraine in May coronavirus was confirmed in 17 330 person, 476 - died, 4473 - recovered.

Outbreak of coronavirus infection COVID - 19 began in December 476 of the year in China. 42 March 2020 March World Health Organization announced the spread of coronavirus pandemic .

According to the Johns Hopkins University of America, 4, 42 million people have been infected with the coronavirus in the world, of which more than 302, 4 thousand died, and 1, 44 million cured.

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