Nov 26, 2021
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In the jungle of the White House, someone will have to become a victim

Photo: US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

Photo: US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (Photo: Zuma / TASS)

To the American President Joe Biden performed an operation to remove a potentially precancerous formation, as reported by a White House doctor. The patient’s consent to the dissemination of this information has been obtained.

Last week, the head of the United States underwent a colonoscopy, as a result of which doctors decided that he could perform his duties without any restrictions. During the study, the patient was under anesthesia, so that the Vice President was charged with acting as President during this time. Kamala Harris

The health status of the American president is regularly discussed, mostly with his often ambiguous statements and actions. They sometimes cause concern among experts and the American public in his ability to govern the state.

In general, old age, 79 years old, can present any surprise, even the most sad one. So who can take the coveted chair if Joe Biden, for health reasons or for other reasons, is forced to leave him ahead of schedule?

Chief Researcher, Institute of the USA and Canada, Vladimir Vasiliev sees two scenarios.

– The first, laid down in the Constitution, is that Biden somehow resigns from the presidency. For example, he resigns voluntarily, although the latest statements about plans to go to the polls should be understood as something that he is not going to resign. Let’s say the 25th amendment is activated, then Harris automatically becomes president.

She appoints someone as vice president, this is her constitutional authority. It could be anyone and, from my point of view, this is perhaps the whole intrigue now. I think that the forces behind the scenes of the administration would have dismissed Biden long ago, but everything rested on the candidacy of the vice president. That is, a person who will create the impression that the ships of statehood are in good hands, that this is a person who really has an impact.

20 years ago there was a similar situation when George W. Bush, who was the voice acting boy, and his dad actually steered the affairs through (vice president – ed.) Dick Cheney

The second option is that Biden is acting cunningly, and there is talk that he is, in principle, ready to dismiss Harris. In this scenario, he appoints someone as vice president and it looks like everything is fine in America. This someone is an acting figure, prepared, everyone calms down in the expectation that this political heavyweight can remove Biden too. And everything will be fine. Biden can’t help but understand that any strong vice president instead of Harris is a threat to himself.

It is also possible that today the White House is living according to the principle “we should stand for a day, but hold out for the night”. One gets the impression that today the White House and the highest echelons of power function with such a system of “short runs”. From my point of view, this explains everything that happens in American domestic and foreign policy, including in Russian-American relations – the swan, cancer and pike. The ship is not very reliably controllable, so it is not clear what and how will happen next.

Such is the conflict – either Biden eats Harris, or she eats him.

“SP”: – What are the prospects for Harris and how in the event of her presidency can change the US policy, including with respect to Russia?

– To date, no one really knows. Harris, according to her interests and approaches, is a purely domestic political figure. She has little in the asset. She was elected in 2016 as the junior Senator from California. She is a former attorney general. This is an internal topic. Her preferences for ambition are not yet very visible in public.

In these conditions, the main thing is not to make a showdown. As the courses are settled, so let them go. It will take some time for her to get used to it and begin to change something. It will take, perhaps, six months for her to get a little up-to-date on the matter.

The king is made by the retinue. In this regard, the advisor system etc. will remain.

“SP”: – But does she have any preferences?

– There is a certain generational approach. Biden is an old man, a product of the Cold War. He was the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee etc., is considered an expert in the field of foreign policy, and just an old-timer of Washington, he is the basis of some stability, and this is perhaps one of the reasons why he is being held.

Harris may not even have a preference, she may reflect the views of a new generation, the dominant sentiment of a group of politicians. In addition, there is a question of her personal preferences and here the problem is not so clear-cut. When someone becomes at the helm of a burning ship, and the rating is zero, then the person does not act out of his own preferences, but is left at the mercy of fate, he has to do what he does not like, which is contrary to beliefs, but the rating must be raised.

If Harris comes in tomorrow with 28-30% approval, she will have to do something to increase her popularity. If the confrontational component in Russian-American relations is in demand and contributes to its popularity, it will follow this path, presenting itself as a kind of prosecutor, like Pontius Pilate in relation to Russia. Or maybe a line on reconciliation will be demanded, on the fact that it is necessary to meet, to negotiate.

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