Jul 31, 2022
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In the game with Russia “who will blink first” the United States gave up the slack

In the game with Russia


US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken intends to have a talk with his Russian colleague in the near future Sergey Lavrov about the fate of the Americans detained in Russia. He announced this at a press conference on Wednesday.

According to him, Washington made an offer to Moscow that could lead to the release of Brittney Greiner as well as Paul Whelanhowever, he declined to give details.

“I cannot and will not go into any details of what we proposed to the Russians,” he said at a press conference, adding that the President is personally involved in resolving the issue. Joe Biden.

According to CNN, we can talk about the exchange of Americans for a Russian businessman Victor Boutwhose lawyer has so far declined to comment on the message, explaining it as a “sensitive moment in the negotiations.”

A high-ranking American official denies discussing the Ukrainian topic with the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. According to him, negotiations on Ukraine should be conducted by its government and people. At the same time, he assured that Washington is ready to support “any viable diplomatic efforts” in this direction. In their absence, the Secretary of State naturally reproached Russia, promising to use the full force of American diplomacy when and if the time comes.

“For now, we will continue to do everything possible to strengthen the position of Ukraine on the battlefield so that it has the strongest possible position at the negotiating table,” he stressed.

Here, Mr. Secretary of State is clearly disingenuous, because, according to him, he is going to touch upon the issue of Ukrainian grain exports, which means that the topic of Ukraine cannot be avoided.

The Russian Foreign Ministry assures that it is not aware of Blinken’s plans, since there have been no official appeals, and media reports are not.

“We are guided by the usual diplomatic practice, and not by megaphone,” the ministry stressed.

It is noteworthy that, according to Blinken himself, he has not communicated with his Russian colleague since the beginning of the special military operation. According to Deputy Director of the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State Pedagogical University Vladimir Shapovalovthe statement made is the clearest evidence that there is no isolation of Russia.

“This is just evidence to the contrary. Russia is now at the center of all diplomatic and political processes in the world.

As for the dialogue between Russia and the United States, it is very important for the world as a whole, since they are the two largest nuclear powers and two of the three superpowers in all respects, and also because these two powers are now in a state of fierce confrontation. In fact, the United States unleashed a proxy war against Russia.

Russia has always been focused on dialogue on a wide range of issues, but until recently the US position was that it does not and will not conduct any negotiations with Russia. As we can see, the development of the situation in the world, the conflict between the US and Russia are forcing the US to take the initiative and abandon its position of non-negotiation and switch to a dialogue format.

“SP”: – What does Blinken’s statement mean, in particular, regarding the dialogue on Ukraine?

— That from now on the dialogue will expand. This means that the United States is signaling to Russia that they are ready for one format or another of negotiations. I think that the negotiation process between the US and Russia will be difficult and will take quite a long time.

Blinken’s statement that the Ukrainian case will not figure in these negotiations is, of course, a lie. Moreover, a lie sewn with coarse stitches, since it is clear that the main topic of the negotiation process will be the crisis in Ukraine. Allegedly declared as a topic of food security, the grain case, firstly, is directly related to Ukraine, and secondly, there is nothing much to discuss, because the agreement has already taken place, and it took place without the United States. In any case, without their direct participation, and this indicates that the Americans are losing their positions in the world as a superpower that dominates and participates in all processes.

And the issue related to the exchange of detained citizens, by the way, is not the first exchange, and the food exchange is, I am sure, just a small part of the topics that will be discussed between Russian and US diplomats. Of course, this dialogue should lead to the end of the conflict in the future, the ideal situation is the creation of a new system of European global security to replace the one that was destroyed by the Americans. I mean that the Helsinki Pact of the European security system no longer exists.

As a result of the Ukrainian crisis, a new system should be adopted, within which the Americans, of course, should make significant concessions to Russia, take into account its position and give guarantees on a wide range of security issues in Europe.

“SP”: – What forced them to negotiate?

– A few moments. The first is the ineffectiveness of the sanctions war. The second is the ineffectiveness of attempts to destroy Russia from within by inspiring all sorts of anti-Russian forces in Russia itself. There is an opposite effect – the consolidation of society. Third, the negative economic effects of the sanctions war in the United States itself. Fourth, the ineffectiveness of military assistance to Ukraine from the United States, as a fact, the defeat of Ukrainian troops, despite the colossal assistance provided by the United States and its allies.

And the last point is the dissatisfaction of a significant part of the American society with the economic consequences of the conflict with Russia and the possible negative impact of this discontent on the results of the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections.

Such is the complex of problems in the foreign and domestic policy of the United States, which forces the Americans to start a dialogue with Russia. I emphasize – start. It won’t end today. The Americans are signaling that they are already ripe to start it.

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