May 13, 2020
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In the center of Kiev, bus carriers protest – demand weaken quarantine

In the center of Kiev, on the European Square, a rally of bus carriers is taking place, Ukrinform informed .

They demand weakening the quarantine and restore domestic and international bus passenger services.

According to the agency, the buses started come to the city center in the morning and continue to arrive. This led to the formation of traffic jams in the center, in particular on the streets of Grushevsky, Khreshchatyk and Vladimirsky Descent.

Journalists Radio Liberty found out that carriers from different regions arrived at the protest rally. On some vehicles there are banners “Restore bus service!”, “Charters - oligarchs, buses - people", "Open borders for international bus service" and others.

The Kiev police reported that because of the protests in the government quarter, law enforcement officers tightened security measures - police officers and members of the National Guard took up increased duty. Law enforcers warned that because of the stocks could restrict traffic on certain streets in the center, and urged drivers to plan routes based on this information.



Quarantine in Ukraine was introduced 12 March). Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, COVID - 17 banned mass events, closed shopping centers, shops (except grocery and pharmacies), restaurants, cafes, gyms, beauty salons, and also limited the work of transport. In Kiev, Kharkov and the Dnieper 11 metro was closed on March. In some cities, only doctors, police, rescuers and employees of critical infrastructure enterprises can now use public transport.

Restrictive measures will be effective until 17 May, however, from 10 in May Ukraine began the first phase of quarantine weakening (there are five in total). Citizens were allowed to visit parks and squares. In addition, shops selling non-food items, beauty salons and notaries were opened.

According to the government’s proposed quarantine exit plan, intercity transport within the region is planned to be allowed in the third stage of quarantine mitigation (it will be launched if, during days in a row, the number of people who recovered from COVID is 17 Ukrainians will be two or more times the number of new cases of the disease, and hospitals will be occupied by patients with coronavir infection waist less than 10%). They want to launch all ground public transport and the metro in the fourth stage, when the number of new cases of infection is daily during 10 days will not exceed five per region. Prime Minister Denis Shmygal did not rule out that the second, third and fourth stages of quitting quarantine could begin at the same time, but did not indicate the date when this could happen.

10 May Shmygal said that the metro and intercity transport will not start until the country has passed the peak incidence of COVID - 17. He was clarified whether it can be expected that the transport will fully resume work in the middle of summer. “I would like it to be sooner,” the prime minister replied.

In April - May, representatives of small business and restaurateurs held rallies in Kiev demanding to weaken quarantine.

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