Sep 13, 2020
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In Syktyvkar, unknown persons poured brilliant green on the candidate for deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Viktor Vorobyov

In Syktyvkar, near the courthouse, unknown persons poured green paint on a candidate for the State Council of the Komi Republic and a member of the St. Petersburg electoral commission with the right of an advisory vote Viktor Vorobyov. There he sued the city TEC.

“Just at the exit from the Syktyvkar court, where my claim to the TEC was heard, two unknown persons attacked me. One of them sprinkled green paint in my face,” Vorobiev himself wrote on Facebook.

When Viktor Vorobyov was heading for his taxi, an unknown person in a hood ran up to him and sprinkled brilliant green from a syringe into his eyes. The member of the electoral committee managed to dodge, so only the left side of his face suffered.

As Vorobyov also said, he had already gone to the hospital, where he was examined and eye drops were applied. He also intends to file a report with the police and has already called there. He is also sure that it was possible to find out about his whereabouts from his opponents in court, which began only on Saturday and was not covered in the media.

He is sure that this is connected with the elections, in particular, with his legal support for the activities of the Communist Party.

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