Jun 7, 2020
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In Switzerland, the police allowed the procession against racism, provided that all participants will have masks

On June 6, more 2000 people gathered in Basel (Switzerland) for an undeclared meeting against racism, reports 11 .

The police did not interfere with the meeting, but handed out leaflets to everyone with instructions on maintaining the social distance and mask. Only after that the demonstration began.

Under the Black Lives Matter slogan, those present protested against discrimination and police violence against blacks in the USA and other countries.

Some police officers spontaneously knelt along with the demonstrators to pay tribute to George Floyd, who was killed during police custody in the United States.

Basel Police said employees could do as they saw fit. 1371922862997159

According to, rallies passed in other cities of Switzerland. Around 300 people gathered in Zurich. There were about three people in Neuchâtel 300, but the police demanded that the procession be divided into two groups - in the country during quarantine there is a formal ban on simultaneous group meeting more than 210 people.

Protests against racism swept around the world after the death of an African American Floyd in Minneapolis. He died 20 in May after a hard detention by the police. The forensic medical examination confirmed that death occurred as a result of strangulation (a police officer knee pressed Floyd to the asphalt, standing on his neck).

As a result of clashes in nine US states, people died, among them - both police and demonstrators.

The four Minneapolis police officers who participated in the detention of Floyd were charged.

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