Jun 26, 2020
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In St. Petersburg discovered a clandestine printing plant for the printing of extremist literature and stickers against the amendments to the Constitution

In St. Petersburg for the production of propaganda leaflets against the government and amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation detained two activists, reported "Interfax" an informed source.

On 25 June, the staff of the center "e" GU the Ministry of internal Affairs on the Central district of St. Petersburg went to check on a former flower shop on the embankment of the bypass channel. The reason for the test was the message about printing at this store extremist literature and leaflets against the government and further their distribution.

Police found that the premises are owned by 60-year-old woman, which she gave on lease to the society "Soviet citizens of the USSR". She is a member of this organization. During the inspection detained the owner of the room and her friend, 55-year-old resident of Tosno. From the room seized more than 1100 stickers against the amendments to the Constitution and the Russian authorities, about 300 copies of the newspaper "the Russian revolution", "New Petersburg", "Pravda" and "Trud", CEC forms, posters, leaflets, two computers and several printers. Withdrawn sent for linguistic examination to the St. Petersburg state University.

The detainees were released under the obligation about an appearance. Against them instituted administrative proceedings under article "Manufacturing, distribution or placing of propaganda materials with infringement of requirements of the legislation on elections and referendums" (article 5.12 of the administrative code).

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