Feb 23, 2021
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In Serbia, Russian diplomats and military laid flowers at the monuments of world wars

In Belgrade, Russian diplomats and military personnel laid flowers and wreaths at the monuments of the soldiers of the First and Second World Wars in honor of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, TASS reports.

The ceremony was attended by the Russian Ambassador to Belgrade Alexander Botan-Kharchenko, Defense Attaché Colonel Alexander Zinchenko, employees of the diplomatic corps, military attache, public organizations, Russian companies and the media. In addition, the ceremony was attended by the assistant to the head of Belgrade Goran Vesic, ambassadors of Belarus and Kazakhstan and representatives of the Azerbaijani embassy. The Orchestra of the Serbian Presidential Guard performed Russian, Serbian and other anthems of the countries whose representatives participated in the event.

The solemn ceremony began in the Belgrade Liberators Park – its participants laid wreaths at the central colonnade. After that, the laying of wreaths and flowers continued at the Eternal Flame and the Monument to the Red Army. The ceremony then proceeded to the Russian Necropolis, a special part of the New Cemetery in the Serbian capital, where Russian emigrants erected a monument to Russian soldiers who died in World War I during the interwar period.

Botan-Kharchenko noted that the joint celebration of Defender of the Fatherland Day reminds of the special ties between Russia and Serbia. The diplomat recalled that bilateral relations are developing successfully and important high-level meetings have taken place in recent weeks.

After the ceremony in the center of Belgrade, diplomats, military men and members of their families went to Mount Avala to honor the memory of the delegation of Soviet veterans – the liberators of the capital of Serbia, led by Marshal Sergei Biryuzov, who died here in 1964 in a plane crash on the 20th anniversary of the liberation of the city.

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