Jul 31, 2020
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In Serbia, in the new school year, parents will decide for themselves how to teach their children

In Serbia, parents of schoolchildren in the next academic year will have the opportunity to choose the format of their children’s education: they can study at school or online from home. This was stated by the Minister of Education of the country Mladen Sharcevic, reports the publication "About Serbia in Russian".

According to him, several models of the study format have been prepared, which will be submitted for consideration to the Crisis Headquarters to combat the epidemic. In particular, it is proposed that children under the age of 12 attend school, since by law they cannot be left alone at home. Also, such a step is proposed for pedagogical reasons, since elementary school students need to be engaged in a team and personally with teachers.

Schoolchildren who will attend school will have four lessons up to 35 minutes each in September, and from October it is planned to increase the number of lessons for high school students. It is planned that students in grades 1-2 will study from 8 to 11 hours, students in grades 3-4 - from 11 to 14 hours, students in grades 5-6 - from 14 to 17 hours, and students in grades 7-8 - from 17 to 20 hours. Disinfection of the premises will have to be carried out between shifts, and students and teachers will be required to wear masks. It is also emphasized that there should be no more than 15 students in the room, and each should have 4 square meters. m.

Sharchevich noted that everyone will be involved in conducting classes - from unemployed teachers to psychologists and librarians, so that teachers have no more than 40 working hours per week. In schools with a small area, shift education can be introduced - a week at an educational institution / week online.

In addition, it is planned to tighten security measures at the school. Students may be expelled for not wearing a mask. At the same time, the authorities will buy masks for teachers, and parents should provide them with them.

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