Jun 20, 2022
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In Russia, they pointed to the details of the operation to destroy the generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“Determining the exact location of Ukrainian generals and officers is the merit of our intelligence, special forces and agents. They, together with the command of the Russian Armed Forces, prepared a brilliant operation for the mass destruction of enemy generals, ”military expert Sergei Khatylev told the VZGLYAD newspaper. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the destruction of more than 50 generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Russia promised to strike at Ukrainian decision-making centers. And this is actually one of those examples. Yes, so far we are not talking about strategic, but rather about operational decision-making centers, but they are also important, ”said Alexander Bartosh, a military expert, corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences.

According to the interlocutor, the success of the strike should be attributed “exclusively to the work of our intelligence.” “The persistent and professional activity of our specialists led to the fact that we were able to establish the location of the enemy, determine the exact time of concentration of military leaders of various ranks and inform the Russian command of this information for further decision. This is a serious damage to the combat capability of the Ukrainian army,” the expert explained.

In turn, the former head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the special forces command of the Russian Air Force, Sergey Khatylev, adds that “our special forces are doing excellent work and are well aware of the locations of the main generals and even mercenaries who are fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

“In addition, modern intelligence tools make it possible to determine the location of the generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a probability close to 100%. Also, our high-precision weapons reach Ukraine from all frontiers. This is a completely open area. So, from the Black Sea we use Caliber, from the air we work with Daggers, and from the ground we can use various means, including Iskanders, – the source argues.

“The main difficulty lies in determining the time and place for the gathering of the military leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And for this we have intelligence, special forces, as well as intelligence information. This is a systematic work, not a one-time action,” Khatylev emphasized.

The expert also suggested that the blow was delivered precisely on this point due to the fact that “a certain operation was being prepared there, including with the use of foreign weapons supplied by the West.” “This is the first report of such a mass destruction of generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but not the last,” Khatylev predicts.

According to the interviewed experts, the mass destruction of generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was the result of complex actions of Russian military specialists. So, in addition to the successful work of intelligence, the speed of transmission of information about the location and time of the working meeting of the command staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is also important. The same applies to the speed of decision-making on delivering high-precision strikes by the command of the Russian Armed Forces – in this case, we can talk about conducting an operation in a matter of hours.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that over the past day, during a special operation with high-precision long-range sea-based missiles “Caliber” at 12.30, a command post of Ukrainian troops near the village of Shirokaya Dacha, Dnepropetrovsk region, was hit at the moment when a working meeting of command personnel was held there. -strategic grouping of troops “Alexandria”.

“As a result of the strike, more than 50 generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the general staff, the command of the Kakhovka group of troops, air assault troops and formations operating in the Nikolaev and Zaporozhye directions were destroyed,” the military department’s Telegram channel reported.

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