Sep 15, 2020
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In Russia, they can set a minimum hourly rate

In Russia, they may introduce the concept of a "minimum hourly rate", Izvestia reports. The item on the discussion of this issue is included in the list of proposals to the draft text of the general agreement between the all-Russian associations of trade unions, employers and the government of the Russian Federation for 2021–2023.

It is noted that the hourly minimum wage may be applicable to those employed under short-term employment contracts, in particular to employees with hourly wages. At the moment, the proposal is still under discussion. The draft agreement will be developed by the end of next month.

“The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation is ready to discuss with the parties of social partnership the issue of introducing the concept of the minimum hourly rate. At the same time, the new concept should complement the minimum wage and not reduce the guarantees established for employees, "Izvestia writes.

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