Aug 31, 2021
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In Russia, the first study of tea bags revealed billions of toxic particles

Representatives of the NashPotrebNadzor program together with a group of independent scientists conducted the first study of tea bags in Russia. Billions of toxic particles were found in it, indicating the possibility of systemic inflammatory processes in the body.

Experts have checked tea bags in a scientific laboratory in Kazan. After brewing the drink, the liquid was applied to special plates. After they dried, using ultra-precise equipment, it was possible to identify traces of plastic. The researchers note that large pieces are completely eliminated from the body, but the smallest particles penetrate deep into cellular structures. They are absorbed by special cells against the background of the body’s immune response. A similar effect is known to tea bag companies. For a massive ban on this production, special measures are required. In addition, it is necessary to switch to new, safer technologies in the manufacture of tea bags.

Scientists note that traces of plastic were found at the bottom of the cup. Tea pyramids are made of nylon fibers, which are structurally damaged when exposed to boiling water. Cellulose sticks and sachets also showed the presence of plastic nanoparticles, but there are 10 times less of them.

Researchers do not recommend purchasing tea bags in pyramids woven from nylon. It is recommended to buy it in cellulose sachets, as it is made from natural material.

Semyon Zaitsev


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