Oct 25, 2021
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In Russia, the cost of travel on toll roads may increase

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation proposed to increase the cost of travel for cars on toll roads. The corresponding draft decree of the government of the Russian Federation has been published on the portal of regulatory legal acts.

The document states that the cost of travel on new roads for passenger cars can increase up to eight rubles per kilometer, for existing ones – up to five rubles, and on bridges and overpasses – up to 29 rubles. For heavy trucks, their maximum values ​​are set.

The authors of the project argue that the average rate of 2.65 rubles per kilometer is lower than European values. The increase in the cost of travel will allow to increase the pace of road construction in the face of a budget deficit.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation refused to switch to free public transport by 2035.

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