Jan 28, 2021
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In Russia, since January 28, the rules for the sale of tobacco have been tightened

New rules for the sale of tobacco came into force in Russia today. In particular, it is no longer possible to buy hookahs and nicotine-containing products on the Internet, including sticks for heating devices for tobacco and e-liquids.

Corresponding amendments to the law on protecting the health of citizens from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke were adopted in July.

Previously, restrictions applied to tobacco products and products that were allowed to be sold only in shops and pavilions (or, if they were not available in a settlement, in other retail outlets and car stalls). From today, January 28, these restrictions have been extended to nicotine-containing products and hookahs – their remote sale is now prohibited.

Earlier this week, a doctor called for control of hookah smoking similar to cigarettes.

Since January 1, Russia has increased the excise tax on cigarettes by 20%.

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