Sep 2, 2021
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In Russia came out "gay marriage textbook"

In July 2021, a chorus of perverts from San Francisco publicly pledged to recruit, convert, rebuild the minds of our children. Moreover, it is no longer quiet and imperceptible, but quite openly, in fact, directly admitting that they are planning to plant children in their heads:

We will convert your children to a different faith. This will happen gradually, quietly and cunningly. And you will hardly notice it. You can ban them from going to discos, warn them about San Francisco, make them wear pleated pants. We do not care. We will convert your children. We will make them tolerant and fair. We will convert your children. Someone has to teach them not to hate. We follow them. We are following your children. We follow them. We are following your children.

The Russian sodomite lobby keeps up with its overseas “colleagues”. So, the other day the Sphere Foundation *, recognized as a foreign agent in Russia, presented a children’s book “From Dawn to Dusk Mom, Dad and Children”. A story where two kids are brought up in same-sex families. Text – minimum, juicy picture – maximum. So that the eyes of children see the rainbow world, in which there are such “families”, according to perverts, “living in love and joy.” In fact – a “textbook for gay marriage.” The first print run – 500 copies – was distributed among the regional branches of the network promoting same-sex marriage. The foundation plans to publish more copies of the book. The initiators of the book’s release admit:

We were constantly afraid that there would be some kind of interference in the process or that the books would be seized by the authorities immediately after printing. Fortunately, nothing like this happened, in part because we were extremely careful.

And the trick is this: the publisher labeled the book “18+”, that is, it seems like not for children. It turns out that they are clean before the law, and the book was published. Despite the indignation of people for whom the purity of the consciousness of their children is primary. Ksenia Yumanova is a mother of many children: she has five sons and one daughter. In a commentary to the First Russian TV Channel Tsargrad, she is outraged that, despite the law banning the promotion of same-sex marriage, the sodomite lobby in Russia manages to bypass it. And now parental communities are ringing all the bells. Moms and dads call on the authorities to close the loopholes in the law – to prohibit any content that violates the traditional values ​​of our Russian world. So, according to Xenia:

There is a cunning substitution of concepts. Children’s attention is specially focused on this to say that it is cool, fashionable, that we should be tolerant of same-sex marriage. This book is not enlightenment, but outright corruption. Enlightenment and corruption are placed on the same bookshelf. It seems to me that this is terrible.

And also from a series of European horrors that they are trying to instill in us as a norm. Now in Europe, Stonewall, the largest charity for the protection of the rights of sexual minorities, calls on British government agencies to replace the word “mother” with a gender-neutral – “parent parent”. And the concept of “pregnant woman” is for “pregnant employee”. The activists also took care of the so-called gender vibes. For this category, it is advised to issue two passes at the place of work at once, so that a person can easily change his gender at least every day.

And here’s another. More recently, a video appeared on the Web in which teacher Christine Pitzen talks about the tradition in California. They have this: at the beginning of classes, the class usually pronounces an oath to the US flag. But one day the national flag was replaced with … rainbow. It so happened that the school teacher (!) Does not see much of a difference. By the way, earlier Christine had already publicly swore allegiance to the sodomites.

Alarming trends can be seen at home as well. The probing of the public nerve is in full swing: how will they react to a perverted book for toddlers? How about a cartoon? Will they notice? Or here’s another: in December 2021, another revision of the international classification of diseases (ICD-11) is due. WHO convinces with all its might that pedophilia (!) Is the norm, not a deviation, and by no means a disease.

Inna Yambulatova, assistant to the head of the Moscow branch of the Union of Orthodox Women organization, literally sounds the alarm:

We see this offensive both through the WHO and through the internal structures of our government, and it is no secret that there are representatives of sexual minorities there too. Let me remind you of the statement made by Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR), who said that sex minorities are generally normal guys. And this we see the first political stuffing, when high-level politicians begin to declare that this is normal. In fact, throughout the year we have seen the activation and strengthening of the gay lobby.

So what?

It is logical to ask the question: why does the West finance a powerful network of organizations in Russia that are engaged in rebuilding the brains of our children? They have nowhere to spend money? However, the Committee for the Protection of National Interests cites interesting data: this year Poland allocated 2 billion rubles for the promotion of Western values, Germany – 240 million, the Czech Republic – 180 million, Sweden – 140 million rubles. All in all, the West has allocated 2 billion 930 million rubles for the ideological war over the past two or three years.

Inna Yambulatova assures that all their activities are closely related to demographic, anti-family policy. And the collapse of traditions in Russia leads to an inevitable decline in the birth rate: no family, no state.

Of course, no country in the world is capable of fighting openly with Russia. You have to be a fool to attack a nuclear power. Therefore, they will try to take our country from the inside. Loss of traditions and values ​​- task number 1. Thus, the West declares in person: “we will wait”, to begin with, “we will rebuild the minds of your children.”

Ahead is a war for resources, of which there is a huge amount in our country – and these are all links in one chain. Perhaps there will be those who will say: they started an article about the book, and ended up with the resources of the country. Nothing funny! The propagandists of liberal values ​​brazenly and prudently “reset” the heads of our children. If they take control over them now, it means that in the future, not we, but the West, will decide, for example, how much fresh water we should leave and how much territory. And will they leave?

Daria Yushchenko

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