Sep 23, 2022
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In Russia began to form a “territorial defense”

In Russia began to form a

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In Russia, they began to form a “territorial defense”, and “MK” found out what context the military registration and enlistment offices put into this phrase.

Previously, the defense was discussed in the Russian Federation, only discussing the conflict on the territory of Ukraine, where it was formed to resist Russian troops. Russia, as it turned out, will also have its own “territorial defense”. And now it enrolls reservists who have restrictions regarding military service.

It is worth noting that the concept of “territorial defense” in Russian legislation exists, it is regulated by federal law No. 61 of May 31, 1996 “On Defense”. “Territorial defense” is formed during the period of martial law and ensures the protection of important objects.

Territorial defense functions only on the territory of the Russian Federation. And here it is worth considering that if the Russian Federation recognizes the LDNR as its own, as well as those regions of Ukraine that it now controls, then in theory the forces of “territorial defense” can be sent there as well. For example, to protect bridges across the Dnieper or military depots in order to free the main troops from this burden.

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