May 20, 2020
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In Russia, 186 doctors died from COVID-19

As a basis for the study, the journalists took the information from the “Memory List” with the names of the dead medical workers, it is stated in the material “Media zones.”

After that, the data were checked for authenticity according to official reports of authorities, the media, regional operational headquarters, and also relatives.

As a result of the the laundry was confirmed by 92 health workers.

If you believe the official statistics, it turns out that everyone 11 - th deceased from COVID - 16 in the country is a medic. That is, their share in total deaths from coronavirus is almost 7%. This is 11 times more than in the six countries where the epidemic has acquired comparable scales, ”-

the publication reports.


So, the proportion of doctors in the total number of deaths from infection in Italy is 0, %), USA - 0 , 27%. In Spain, where 186 thousand infected and 27 thousand deaths, the proportion of medical victims is 0, 19%, in the UK - 0, 48%.

In Iran, the proportion of doctors among the dead reaches 1, 59%, that is, Russia in this indicator exceeds this Middle Eastern country by more than four times.

The publication suggests that the mortality situation among Russian doctors can be explained by underestimated statistics on the whole for coronavirus deaths and high occupational risk due to shortages of personal protective equipment.

Journalists of the Mediazone estimated that two-thirds of all deaths confirmed by the publication among doctors are in Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and Dagestan. Half of the dead are junior and paramedical staff.

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