Oct 13, 2020
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In Portland, protesters demolished Roosevelt and Lincoln statues

In the American city of Portland (Oregon,), protesters demolished the statues of US Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

The incident took place during the Columbus Day manifestation (the discovery of America), The Oregonian reports.

Nearly 200 people organized an action called Indigenous Anger Day, calling for an end to "praising racists, colonialists, murderers."

Before the demolition of the monuments, protesters broke the windows in the building of the city's Historical Society.

As the newspaper notes, Roosevelt is known for racist remarks against the indigenous people of the country, and during the Lincoln presidency, almost 40 Dakota Indians were hanged during the fighting between white Americans and native residents.

In early September, a special commission from Washington proposed to remove, move or rename a number of monuments and objects in the city. Among them - monuments to the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus, presidents Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and other politicians of the Civil War era and the period of slavery in the United States.

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