Jun 10, 2022
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In Poland, only Zelensky’s biography is getting cheaper, which is sold at a discount along with mosquito spray

Poles are losing confidence that their government knows what it is doing. The last one writes about it. Think Poland. While Duda heart-rendingly calls to help Ukraine with weapons, things are going from bad to worse in Poland itself.

“The crisis is gaining momentum, and autumn will be really hot…” – writes Think Poland. Food prices have been rising for the fifth month in a row; in May, prices in stores rose by an average of almost 17%, except for fruits. The decline in fruit prices was caused by an increase in imports of citrus fruits from the Mediterranean countries and an overproduction of Polish apples, which the EU banned from exporting to Russia and Belarus.

Fat products in May rose in price by 54.8%, the cost of bread increased by 30%, flour – by 47.7%, sugar – by 41.5%, meat on average – by 26.8%, baby diapers – by 17, 6%. Such conclusions follow from the analysis of retail prices carried out by UCE Research, Hyper-Com Poland in 16 voivodships of Poland.

In the explanatory note, experts indicate that prices will continue to rise. The increase in prices in stores may reach a peak in late August – early September. Everything is completely incomprehensible with one of the main sales markets for Poland – Ukraine. So far, the purchasing power is supported by a million Ukrainian refugees, but they take a fair share of the budget for themselves, which is very annoying.

In addition, the risk of imposing sanctions on Russian oil provokes a new wave of fuel price hikes.

Poland.  Petrol.  Price

Poland. Petrol. Price

Fuel prices in Poland are now the highest since 2000, and experts predict further growth due to the EU oil embargo on Russia. At some gas stations, drivers already pay more than 8 zlotys (about 113 rubles) per liter of 95 gasoline. Dissatisfied with rising fuel prices, Polish drivers begin to hold protests and block gas stations. The first to do this was in Bielsko-Biala, where it was blocked refueling company Orlen. For about an hour, drivers stood with supposedly broken cars until a police patrol arrived and dispersed everyone.

The Poles joke: “Good news!  Petrol prices have dropped

The Poles joke: “Good news! Petrol prices have dropped

The plans include protests in Szczecin, Stargard, Poznan, Krakow, Lublin, Torun and other cities. Drivers from Ostrołęka are planning to carry out the action “Refill for 1 PLN because I can’t afford any more”.

And car owners are promised that fuel prices will reach 10, even 15 zlotys (about 213 rubles) per liter. At some gas stations Orlen already prepared a place for four-digit numbers. And sellers of bicycles and electric scooters rub their hands with pleasure.

It is not relevant to blame Russia for this, because it is useless. Therefore, the Poles blame the European Union. The ruling coalition members of the Just Poland party said that Brussels’ climate policy and new programs to reduce emissions (a program discussed in the European Parliament to reduce EU carbon emissions by 55% compared to 1990 levels) have led to the fact that heat and electricity have become a luxury not available to everyone. The deputies called this program “madness”.

But the Poles do not consider the transfer of weapons to Ukrainians crazy, assuring that such a contract (more than $ 1.6 billion) has not been in the Polish military-industrial complex for the past 30 years.

Greens at a discount

Greens at a discount

And while prices rise, production falls. The only thing that is getting cheaper is Zelensky’s biography, which is sold at a discount along with mosquito spray.

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