Jun 30, 2020
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In Pirogovka, they called a statement by Popova about the deaths of doctors a lie

On his Facebook page, the head of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care of the NMHTs im. Pirogova Boris Teplykh criticized the position of the department, dubbing it “the planned degeneration of medical workers”.

On the eve of the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova on the air of the channel "Russia 1" said that the death rates among doctors during the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 are practically no different from other periods.

“So far, there are no threatening statistics saying that the total number of deaths during this period is some other proportion of medical workers, there are none,” Popova said. She also emphasized that the department maintains a police record of all infected and dead doctors.

“The chief sanitary doctor Popova, said that health workers are ill and die in a percentage comparable to populations. Bearing in mind that we have no risks in the red zone. We heard a lie that when a doctor gets sick, an epidemiological investigation is carried out in the period of 20 minutes and contacts and many more lies are revealed. And again, nobody pulled the tongue, you can say “maybe”, “I hope”, “we ordered”, but there were no direct statements, ”wrote Boris Teplykh on his page.

He cited an example from the clinic number 175 DZM, where a doctor with high fever and fever underwent an examination that showed all the signs of coronavirus infection, but in statistics his case was recorded with a diagnosis of bronchopneumonia.

“God bless him that the doctor will not receive insurance payments for the infection of cove, we survive, in the end the union will reimburse. But this allows the chief sanitary doctor Popova to say that doctors are sick comparable to the population, ”Teplykh said.

As of May 25, the “List of Memory”, in which Russian and Belarusian doctors enter data on colleagues who died from a pandemic, has 277 names. Last week, MediaAzona reporters found official confirmation of the deaths of 186 people from this list, excluding, in particular, five doctors from Belarus. In addition, it was reported that at least three doctors committed suicide, that is, formally, the coronavirus was not the cause of their death. Mediazona estimates that every 15th person who died from COVID-19 in the country is a healthcare professional. This is 16 times more than in six countries where the epidemic has gained comparable proportions.

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