Oct 17, 2020
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In Penza, parents began a protest against the transfer of schools to distance learning

Schools in Penza can be transferred to distance learning despite the requests of parents, this is how the statement of the Governor of the Penza Region Ivan Belozertsev in response to the parents' appeal not to transfer schools to distance learning can be interpreted. On October 13, one of the parents published a screenshot with the governor's response on the VKontakte social network.

Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev's response to the parent's request not to introduce distance education

Image: Screenshot from the social network Vkontakte

Belozertsev's response followed an appeal from one of the parents, which was sent to the governor as part of a flash mob protest against the introduction of distance education.

Earlier, the media reported that the residents of Penza asked Belozertsev through the social network Instagram to introduce distance learning in schools. Residents of Penza, opposing distance learning, having seen these publications in the media, self-organized and began to write massively personal messages to Belozertsev asking him not to introduce distance learning.

“Dear Ivan Aleksandrovich, information has appeared in the media that your parents are asking you to introduce distance learning. I, a parent, AGAINST this, because I believe that this measure will only aggravate the situation. It's one thing when quarantined classes are closed due to high incidence. And another is when healthy children are sent to study remotely, as it was this spring. Based on the results of such training, there are studies of the main hygienists of the country, which explicitly say that distance learning has a bad effect on the physical and psycho-emotional health of children.

Observance of the mask regime during the City Day in Penza in September 2020

Image: Screenshot of news from Penza News website

Distance learning is not enshrined in legislation. This means that there are no developed approved SAFE programs and SanPiNs. I, as a parent, AGAINST that an experiment called “distance learning” was put on my child, ”- such a message was massively sent to Belozertsev's PM. Some parents started uploading screenshots to the "Parents' Council of Penza" group, confirming the sending of messages to Belozertsev.

The message contains a link to the research of specialists published in the journal "Questions of School and University Medicine and Health" No. 2 for 2020. The study was conducted by a team of scientists led by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladislav Kuchma. A report on its research was carried out at the interregional conference "Digital War on Education".

We also recall that starting from October 11, an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus has been recorded in the Penza region. On the website of the Penza administration, as well as on the website of the Penza region administration, it is reported that the previous days in Penza, mass events were held without observing the mask regime.

We also recall that earlier schools in Penza were temporarily transferred to distance learning, according to the Penza Education Department, in connection with the shutdown of cold water in schools. Instead of supplying cold water, which would allow them to comply with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, school directors en masse chose to send the children home.

Editorial comment

First, we see how either the Penza administration itself, or with its knowledge, mass events are being held where sanitary and epidemiological standards are not observed. Then we see a jump in the number of coronavirus cases. And then the administration closes schools and universities.

Only the lazy did not speak about the quality of "education" at a distance in schools. It is difficult to call it education at all. Leading Russian experts are sounding the alarm. After the already enormous social tension caused by the pension reform, the authorities are further increasing social tension, going into conflict with their parents.

All this creates the impression that the government is not fighting the coronavirus, but the population. What prevents the introduction of a mask regime on the streets and not holding the City Day on a grand scale? What prevents from organizing water supply when water is turned off in schools? Why, instead of respecting its citizens, the authorities repeatedly demonstrate flagrant disregard and do everything to test the patience of citizens?

Few examples of Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, when a suppressed social protest is used for destruction? Sooner or later, someone will offer to the irritated citizens of Russia "to show who is boss". An attempt to use the power apparatus to suppress social protest will lead to disaster, because the protest will be fair, and there will be provocateurs in the crowd of ordinary teachers, students, parents, and the Russian Guard will oppose them.

“The order must be fulfilled by a young Russian guard who has a sister with a child in this crowd, or a former teacher, or a beloved student girl. Can he? After all, he is not a robot, not a janissary, not a foreign mercenary ", - commented on this situation a participant in the interregional conference on the problems of distance education, Artem Brusnitsyn, and one cannot but agree with him.

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