Jul 23, 2020
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“In one person”: Actress Maria Gorban took over her mom

Days earlier, Maria Gorban shared the photos that appeared with my daughter and mom. Fans marveled at the similarities between the actress and her mother.

Page, star of the series “Kitchen” Maria Gorban in the publication depicted the actress, her mother Larisa Zibrov and 5-year-old daughter Stefania. The child distinguishes only the more bright hair color, but a celebrity with a parent were almost the same. Many fans were delighted with a touching photo and similarity between family members. It is not surprising that members could not immediately identify the hero.

It should be noted that mother Maria Gorban is also associated with show business and previously played in Yaroslavl TYuZe. Zibrov left the theater when my daughter was only six years old, because the family had to move to Moscow. It should be noted that after the end of the pandemic COVID-19 Gorban plans to return to the filming of the project, Vladimir Chubrikov “Dangerous temptation”. In future drama actress will get the role of a minor character.

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