Jan 26, 2021
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In Odessa, the actress from “The Mask Show” and “The Gentleman Show” Irina Tokarchuk bent

Ukrainian and Russian actress Irina Tokarchuk retired from life. This was reported by her close friend.

In Odessa, the actress from

On January 25, in Odessa, at the age of 62, theater and film actress Irina Tokarchuk bent over. This was reported on Tuesday by her friend, film critic Yevgeny Zhenin on Facebook.

Prolonged illness is called the cause of death. On the eve of her death, she complained about the big wallow in her heart, reports UNIAN.

“Bitter news: Ira Tokarchuk is gone. An important actress and a long-term kind-hearted friend, ”Zhenin reported in the post.

Tokarczuk fought in the power of motion pictures, in particular, “Lonely dormitory is provided”, “I will remember”, “Times of the Dancer”. She became famous to a wide audience after participating in the humorous projects “Masks Show” and “Gentleman Show”.

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