Sep 21, 2021
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In Odessa, a man threw a trash can and knocked out a Ukrainian Nazi

A video has been published on the network where a resident of Odessa throws a trash can at a young girl, and then knocks her out. The reasons for the conflict are unknown.

In the first shots, the guy is holding the urn, and then hits the girl in the legs.

Then she runs at him, brandishing a bottle of Pepsi, and the shooting ends. In the next shot, the girl is already lying on the asphalt.

However, when she sees the camera, she jumps up and heads towards the filmmaker.

“I removed the phone, f *** ing!” She shouts to him.

Internet users have found the heroine of the video. As it turned out, she is an adherent of the Nazi views. She has a swastika on her chest and the wings of a Roman eagle.

According to the girl, she is a representative of the Eastern nationality, and the man attacked her because he does not like “non-Russians”. To date, a supporter of the Third Reich has closed her Instagram page.

It is worth noting that the majority of Internet users sided with the guy, emphasizing that the Nazi “got her”.

“I never thought that beating a woman would make me feel good. Even a little awkward ”;

“In Odessa, some guy knocked down Nazi scum with a trash can. It is a pity that the guy will now become a criminal in Ukraine, and the Nazi scum – an innocent victim ”;

“The Nazi nits are completely loose. Respect for the guy, although of course this is not the best way to deal with these scum ”;

“The Nazi is not a woman, it is an enemy, just like the guards of the death camps, like snipers, like pilots.”

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