Oct 18, 2020
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In Moscow over the past year, labor migrants decreased by 40%

In Moscow, in 2020, the number of labor migrants decreased by 40%, which was reflected in temporary jobs to clean the city. This, according to the newspaper "Kommersant", said the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin in an interview with the TV channel "Russia 1".

According to him, the decrease in the number of migrants affected the employment in city services, in particular, temporary jobs to clean the city.

The mayor noted that the decrease in the number of migrants affects the labor market in Moscow. This is especially true for the housing and utilities sector, where seasonal workers are involved. "This is manual labor, this is a shovel, a broom, a scrap. Not all Muscovites are ready to work on such jobs," the mayor said. This issue is resolved through mechanization and attracting people from other regions, he said.

Labor migrants left for their homeland at the beginning of the pandemic and have not returned yet. In some industries, labor shortages are as high as 70%, entrepreneurs say. The Moscow authorities drew attention to the problem, but it did not affect the cleaning of the city and other similar tasks, they assure. In early August, Deputy Head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev expressed concern about the situation in the migration environment, referring to the Ministry of Internal Affairs data on the growth in the number of offenses by foreigners. Medvedev then said that the rules for the entry of labor migrants into Russia could be tightened.

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