Feb 23, 2021
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In Moldova, the movement of buses is practically blocked due to the strike

Intercity bus service in Moldova today turned out to be practically blocked due to a one-day strike of private transport companies, reports TASS.

As the head of the Association of Employers of Road Carriers Oleg Aleksa told the agency, transport workers do not agree with the decision of the authorities during the pandemic to limit the maximum number of passengers in the passenger compartment of public transport to 50% of the number of seats. The strike, according to the agency’s interlocutor, is attended by all private transport, that is, about 2500 buses and minibuses.

First of all, we are talking about transport serving intercity flights. In addition, minibus drivers serving about 30 flights in Chisinau did not come to work today. At the same time, the lack of transport in the capital is not so acute, since the city authorities have increased the number of units of municipal transport on the routes in advance.

Last week, the National Emergency Commission for Public Health imposed restrictive measures in Moldova due to the worsening epidemic situation. Thus, the maximum number of passengers in public transport should not exceed half of the number of seats, both in the case of urban and intercity transportation. Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban was one of those who considered this decision excessive and called for a reconsideration.

In February, about 1000 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Moldova every day.

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