Aug 29, 2021
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In Moldova, an original ban was introduced in schools. The journalist deduced the Russian pattern

In Moldova, the authorities have banned Russian-language schools from recruiting students.

In Moldova, the authorities again began to struggle with the Russian language in the education system. In Kishinev, schools with the Russian language of instruction were banned from recruiting students in the first and tenth grades.

The fight against Russian schools at the municipal level. Surprisingly, in the list of the Chisinau City Hall on the prohibition of admission to the first and tenth grades in most gymnasiums and lyceums with Russian as the language of instruction

– quotes the Red Spring Telegram-channel of the Moldovan journalist Elena Levitskaya-Pakhomova.

The decision of the authorities has caused a wave of indignation among parents, people feel embittered for such a disregard for the fate of their children.

Levitskaya-Pakhomova emphasizes: “Impressions of the authorities’ absolute indifference to human destinies.”

The journalist emphasizes that the power of President Maia Sandu in Moldova may ignore the right of citizens to choose the language of instruction in schools.

Discrimination of the Russian language in Moldova is supported by the authorities, earlier the Constitutional Court of the Republic overturned the law on the status of the Russian language as a language of interethnic communication

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