Oct 13, 2020
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In Minsk, special means were used to disperse an unauthorized rally

On October 12, law enforcers in Minsk used tear gas and flash-noise cartridges at an unauthorized rally of pensioners, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Roman Lashkevich, a spokesman for the Minsk city executive committee's police department.

In the capital of Belarus, citizens of retirement age gathered at the Government House, from where they went along Independence Avenue. The protesters sometimes went out onto the roadway, because of which the traffic police partially blocked the traffic.

It is noted that the special means were used when there was a threat of an attack on law enforcement officers.

“Therefore, from the minibus a shot was fired into the air with a flash-noise cartridge,” Lashkevich said.

Since August 9, mass protests have continued in Belarus, which began after the presidential elections won by Alexander Lukashenko. The opposition disagrees with these results.

The PACE Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights has called for re-elections with the participation of international observers.

Lukashenko noted that Minsk does not need to recognize the elections, since they were held according to the constitution and the laws of the country. Earlier, the President of the Republic of Belarus named those who, in his opinion, are behind the organization of protests in the republic.

Lukashenka said earlier that the situation in Belarus is largely influenced by external forces. The President noted that a "diplomatic massacre at the highest level" was organized against the country.

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