May 19, 2020
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In Lviv, doctors arranged a corridor of shame for officials because of medical reform

Lviv doctors protest against dismissal / Photo: screenshot

In Lviv, the doctors of the TB dispensary, who remain unemployed due to the second stage of the medical reform, arranged a corridor of shame for officials and expressed all their complaints to them.

"We did not choose you so that you would rob us of our jobs. We did not hire you for budgetary funds so that you would not receive millions of salaries and thousands of bonuses, and we would not even be paid our scanty wages. You serve Ukrainian people. And deprive them of the right to decent medical service. Deprive of the right to choose a doctor and medical institution, "the doctors said. One of the doctors of the medical institution Svetlana Kosik recorded and posted the video on Facebook.

Read also “Beatings, spitting, matyuki”: the psychiatrist voiced the horrors of the second stage medical reforms According to doctors, the dispensary will be closed in the near future, the decision has already been made by the Lviv Regional Council, and all employees of the medical institution will be left without work and means to exist June

Lviv doctors reminded that earlier the video in the course of optimization ceased to exist in the children's inpatient unit, it was combined with an adult. Now the kids were at risk due to the difficult epidemiological situation and the lack of isolation in a separate department.

"Children have no conditions for learning, walking in the fresh air The premises of our stationary children's department are planned to be sold, since it is located in a pine forest on the outskirts of the city on an area of ​​7, hectares. In our opinion , precisely for the purpose of realizing this object, the so-called reform of the TB service in Lviv has been launched, - the team says.

Participants in the protest rally emphasize that all departments performed their work conscientiously, provided assistance to patients, so the reduction is unfair and inappropriate. In particular, the TB dispensary has qualified personnel and the appropriate material and technical base.

Recall that in Kharkov, ambulance officers went to a mass protest because of the criminal actions of the leadership. They claim that they are forced to record coronavirus as pneumonia.

As previously reported, President Vladimir Zelensky said that due to the reform of medicine, which began to implement previous Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun, the dismissal 18 of thousands of doctors is projected.

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