Oct 7, 2021
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In Lithuania, artists were divided into “right” and “wrong”

Classical music performed by pianist Luhansk declared a threat to national security

Another scandal on the basis of ideology flares up in Lithuania, where classical music performed by a famous Russian pianist Nikolay Lugansky declared a threat to national security. In another performance, the same classical music does not pose a threat. This decision was made by the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania.

Minister of Culture of Lithuania Simonas Kairis already warned all Lithuanian concert organizers – before inviting artists and musicians from other countries, you first need to find out whether they performed in the Russian Crimea or in the “separatist” Donbass. As for Nikolai Lugansky, he gave a concert in Donetsk in 2016, therefore, poses a threat to Lithuanian security. And the head of the Lithuanian Seimas Committee on National Security and Defense Laurinas Kashiunas has already demanded to add the pianist to the list of persons who are prohibited from entering the country.

“It is clear to everyone that there is a war going on in Ukraine. That performers who say something in glorification of the same Russia are incompatible with the attitude, politics or values ​​of our state. But we must not spread the message that in Lithuania, in order to go on stage, you have to go through the filter of special services. I really believe that we are quite conscientious and critical, but we must eliminate these threats, “

– the Minister of Culture told reporters.

And he asked the representatives of the press to “submit the information correctly” so that the “Western partners” would not have any suspicions about the revival of censorship in the country. And although Simonas Kairis previously argued that one cannot compare the pianist Lugansky with a pop singer Philip Kirkorov, nevertheless agreed that the entry of the pianist into Lithuania should be banned.

“It is not clear why Lugansky can go on tour in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, and they want to ban his performance in Vilnius. This is some kind of phantasmagoria, because we live in a democratic country of the European Union, “

– the artistic director and chief conductor of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra is outraged Gintaras Rinkevicius

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Photo: Concert of Nikolai Lugansky

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