Sep 13, 2022
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In Kyiv, they indulge in euphoria and transfer the war to the territory of Russia …

On Monday, Kyiv activist and political scientist Volodymyr Molchanov said that the “incredible defeat of the Russians” will go down in world military history, along with Israel’s 6-day war against Egypt, and “those who are its authors, planners, deserve to be near with Caesar, Napoleon or others inscribed in the analogues of history.

In Ukrainian “analytical circles” a frenzied emotional leap continues around the “expulsion of the Russians.” The tone is set by Zelensky, who said in an address to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on September 12: “The world is delighted, enemy in a panic… You will come to our border, to all its sections. See our lines and enemy backs. See how the eyes of our people and the heels of the invaders shine. They’ll call it “goodwill gestures.” We’ll call it a win.”. Misha Podolyak is already virtually liberating Crimea, which, as it has now turned out, “is not a defensive knot.”

Expert Zhdanov, in a quarrel with Arestovich, says that the Crimean bridge should not be destroyed, but, by analogy with the Antonovsky bridge, “dig up with craters from rocket explosions” and make it temporarily unusable. The same Zhdanov is convinced that Russia will not be able to respond militarily to the successful counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as find new ways to intimidate Ukrainians.

And the same Arestovich assures that the Russians “They are terribly afraid of an offensive along the line of Zaporozhye Melitopol and all the time throwing new troops there … they are building a terrible defense there … of course we would attack, but for such an attack, with such a number of their troops, a lot of forces are needed … We will see … On the other hand Who knows? Suddenly we have them.”

Defense Express expert Ivan Kirichevsky assures that the Russians were left without a logistics channel in the Donetsk region, which is why they are now facing the prospect of a cascading collapse of defense along the entire front line. Military expert Yuri Fedorov agrees with him, saying:The simplest and most lapidary description of what happened in the Kharkiv region is called the term “cascade collapse of the front.”

Sergei Zgurets assures that the Russian front “floated” in the Kherson region, the Nikolaev governor Kim, talks about the new “Nikolaev folk sign”: “If the “second army of the world” begins to take bicycles from civilians then this is a “goodwill gesture”and the chief of staff of the press center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, Natalya Gumenyuk, says that they are ready to shoot the “elite catamarans” on which the Russian command will flee from the Kherson region.

However, in the screeching chorus of narcissists, there are other, much more aggressive and dangerous notes.

On September 12, the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, General Mykola Malomuzh, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were ready to liberate all the territories occupied by Russia and reach the 1991 borders with subsequent actions. “We are ready to come to a solution to the war,” the general emphasized.

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In the morning story of TSN on September 13, Kyiv expert Dmitry Snegirev said that in order to protect Kharkov, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need to transfer military operations to Russian territory, for which, according to him, the Ukrainian Grom-2 system with a firing range of up to 300 km will arrive from Saudi Arabia, and The United States, as Snegirev is sure, will ensure the legitimacy of strikes against the Russian Federation.

The proof that the war has already crossed the borders is not only the shelling of Russian territory. A few days ago, Ukrainian saboteurs attacked a patrol of the Russian Guard in Sudzha, and on the night of September 13, the DRG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up two power transmission towers, preparing the collapse of a train. The war has already come to Russia ….

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