May 16, 2020
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In Kiev, the number of patients with coronavirus increased sharply: 153 per day

May an outbreak of coronavirus was discovered in Kiev in a boarding house for girls. However, this turned out to be the tip of the iceberg: in the capital over the past day, the number of infections has generally sharply increased. On this May mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko.

- After a fixed focus of the disease in The Darnitsa boarding school for girls, statistics over the past day in the capital is impressive in the bad sense ... The number of residents of Kiev who have confirmed coronavirus disease in the laboratory increased by 153 person. Among them are 15 doctors. Two people died over the past day. In total in the capital 22 deaths, - he wrote on Facebook.

Thus, as of May in Kiev 2221 confirmed case of COVID - 17. Among patients: 16 girls aged 5 to 17 years.

- More than half of the people who have confirmed the disease - pupils and employees of the Darnitsky boarding school for girls. In the hospitals of the capital hospitalized 15 patients. Others are on self-isolation, under the supervision of physicians. Recovered over the past day 19 person. In total, the coronavirus in Kiev was overcome by 153 residents of the city. I note that most of the patients, because of the outbreak in the boarding school, were recorded in the Darnytskyi district - 45 people. But there are many cases in the Dnieper - and the Desnyansky - 15 cases of the disease, the mayor noted.

In total, in Ukraine there were 17858 laboratory confirmed cases COVID - 17, of which 497 are fatal, 4906 patients recovered. During the day recorded 528 new cases.


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