Sep 6, 2021
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In Kiev, it was indicated because of what Ukraine will collapse

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The authorities of the Independence Square should deal with the country’s economy, and not concentrate only on membership in Western unions and blocs

The aspirations of the Kiev regime at any cost to drag Independent into NATO and the EU negatively affect the living standards of Ukrainians. Because of this mistake, Western partners do not see the republic in terms of economic development. Moreover, such a strategy in the future may lead to the collapse of the country altogether.

This opinion was expressed on the air of the Nash TV channel by expert Viktor Skarshevsky.

“Ukraine will simply never join NATO. <…> We need to think that people would be better off living here. To do this, it is necessary to pursue a sovereign economic policy, and not serve the interests of creditors, “the expert said.

He added that when the authorities aim exclusively at Ukraine’s entry into the North Atlantic bloc, then “the country is over.”

According to the economist, Nezalezhnaya should become a “neutral” state and stop dividing the world into “NATO” and “Russian” sides.

Recall that post-Maidan leaders have been persistently striving to join the alliance since 2016. However, in the bloc all the time they make it clear to Kiev that in the near future the cathedral will not be allowed there. Recently, Kersti Kaljulaid, who was still President of Estonia at that time, said that the conciliar would have to wait for a “turn of history” – some twenty years before becoming members of the EU and NATO.

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