May 14, 2020
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In Kiev, 52 people were found to have coronavirus per day; there are fatal outcomes

In Kiev, per day, a coronavirus infection was found in 42 people. On this in May at a briefing, which was broadcast by the Kyiv City State Administration, the mayor of the capital, Vitaliy Klichko, said.

"The news today, like the weather, is not very. The number of residents who have confirmed coronavirus disease over the past day has increased by 52 a man, including six doctors. ... Among those who fell ill: 31 a woman aged from 16 before 81 and four girls from two to 15 years; 14 men from 23 before 80 years, two boys who and 15 years, "he said.

According to the mayor, six out of the total number of identified patients were hospitalized.

Two more deaths were recorded among patients with COVID - 18.

Total on 14 May in Kiev confirmed 2012 cases of coronavirus infection, recovered 189 (per day plus 19) people died 42.

In Ukraine in the morning 12 May from COVID - 18 died 456 people recovered 4143. Total recorded 14 847 cases diseases.

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