Jul 31, 2020
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In June of 2021 will hire a cartoon “Luke” from Disney and Pixar

Disney Studios announced that in the summer of 2021 on the screens out cartoon "Luke" from Pixar Animation Studios. The picture tells the story of a boy who befriended a sea monster.

In June of 2021 will hire a cartoon

The Director of the cartoon "Luka", will perform Enrico of Casarosa known painting, "the Moon", and the event will be Andrea Warren, known through such works as "Lava" and "Cars 3". The plot tells the story of the life of a boy named Luke, who at the time summer vacation arrived in a beautiful seaside town located on the French-Italian Riviera. In every adventure he is accompanied by the other. However, it appears that in the guise of a friend hiding a sea monster.

Enrico of Casarosa said that for him this is a deeply personal story not only because of the location of the main events, where he grew up, but due to the fact that the film is a celebration of friendship, which, in the opinion of the Director, determines who one wants to become. He also left the audience a little inside, saying that Luke is waiting for an unforgettable summer adventure that will change him. The premiere of the cartoon is to be held in June next year.

Previously, Marvel studios introduced the teaser and first few minutes of the film "New mutants."

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