May 10, 2022
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In honor of her centenary, the old woman jumped with a parachute

the old woman jumped with a parachuteA resident of Florida (USA) decided that the celebration in honor of her hundredth birthday is a great opportunity to try something new.

the old woman jumped with a parachute

Raymond Sullivan said that during her long life she managed to do a lot of interesting things, but she never had a chance to jump with a parachute. Therefore, my grandmother turned to Skydive Sebastian and made the first jump in her life in tandem with an instructor. Already on the ground, Raymond admitted that the first experience would be the last – it turned out to be scary to fly.

the old woman jumped with a parachute

After the extreme grandmother got a portion of the thrill, the birthday celebration went into a more traditional track, and the birthday girl went to have fun in the company of relatives and friends.

Own bathroom almost became a death trap for the old lady


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