May 17, 2022
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In Havana, a gas leak tried to hide the leak of classified information

In Havana, a gas leak tried to hide the leak of classified information

Photo: AP/TASS

Not so long ago, an event took place in the capital of Cuba, to which the world press somehow sluggishly reacted. But in vain. It suggests that Insert prepared (and continues to prepare) for the collective Fuse a kind of Caribbean crisis.

Two weeks ago, in the heart of the capital of Cuba, Havana, an explosion occurred in the expensive Saratoga Hotel. The official version is a gas leak. Eight guests died. Among them, as it turned out, were two high-ranking CIA agents. Which, judging by official information, at one time “advised high-ranking officials of the Russian Federation since the 2000s.” One can only guess what rank these scouts and their counterparts from Russia were. The shoulders of the Tsrushniks were clearly decorated with at least the general’s epaulettes.

And the hotel in which they stayed was a favorite place to stay exclusively for VIPs. Presidents, heads and members of world governments, owners and heads of transnational corporations and spies of the highest flight have stayed here. Two of which stayed here for the last time.

We, of course, will never know what happened at the Saratoga Hotel on that fateful night. But you can guess. The version of a gas explosion seems the most unlikely. Hotels of this level and with such income are obliged to provide customers with the proper level of security. Little of. Many VIPs come to such establishments with their own bodyguards and security staff. And those before settling their owners carefully test hotels in all respects: from the serviceability of wiring and gas burners to radiation contamination.

In addition, the highest ranks of intelligence are piece goods. It takes a lot of time and money to prepare them. And they are everything else, carriers of strategic information. And since they advised high-ranking officials in Russia, it means that they probably took an active part in the change of power and in coups d’état in different countries of the world. The guys are mature. And something tells me that a significant part of the rest of the “victims” are their personal guards. And they did not die from fire or carbon monoxide, but were killed in a shootout that, for some reason, broke out within the walls of the hotel.

And the fire was arranged in order to hide the traces of the crime.

Who could interfere with the CIA generals? Who could take them out? Yes, anyone. Behind them stretches such a train of “exploits” in different parts of the planet that a huge number of “grateful fans” longed for their death. Including from Russia. Although practice shows that those specialists from the CIA who specialize in Russia are no longer distracted by other countries. Russians are too specific for the Anglo-Saxon brain, a serious and dangerous opponent. And working with them completely absorbs the knights of the cloak and dagger. So there could well be a “Russian trace” in the murder of scouts and their guards.

But who could order them from Russia? Former wards? What about the meaning? Theoretically, the Americans could begin to activate their “sleeper agents” in Moscow. And those might not like it. But no “sleeper agent” will ever risk killing his handler. First, it is fraught. Curators have their own curators who will get them. Secondly, “sleepers” can simply be declassified in their country of residence. And then they shine for several years of strict regime. So, not “sleeping”.

There is a suspicion that “Saratoga” was a meeting place for the “sleepers” with the curators, and they were “grazed” by specialists from the FSB or the SVR. Maybe even together. And at the moment when they wanted to “pin up like a butterfly” and take them red-handed, the guards of the Tsrushniks opened fire. A shootout broke out, in which both the bodyguards and their owners were killed. Those, most likely, also remembered their youth and took part in the event. Or they were finished off by their own bodyguards, desperate to save. The security services of the Americans and the British practice this. Couldn’t protect the chief – liquidate him yourself. The enemy must not receive classified information. And both will become heroes.

And then the survivors burned the corpses of those who were less fortunate – to hide the traces of the massacre. Why didn’t anyone hear the shots? Because scouts around the world tend to fire silent weapons. True, they do not always leave behind charred bodies. But here, apparently, there was an extraordinary case.

But there is another version. Much more interesting. Mariupol. There is insider information that extremely interesting characters languish in the catacombs of Azovstal. Among them are Israeli instructors in urban combat with civilian human shield tactics. And the envoys of the Ukrainian oligarchs of Jewish origin tried to redeem them. They repeatedly came to Moscow, but each time they were refused. The company of the inmates is made up of senior officers of the French military intelligence. They trained the National Battalion to work with anti-tank systems, counter-battery systems and aerial reconnaissance from copters. That’s why Macron called Putin every day before the elections, begging to release fellow citizens through “humanitarian” corridors – by sea to Turkey. The company of the French is also made up of employees of the German intelligence BND. They provided counterintelligence for the front and front zones. This to some extent explains the scandalous behavior of the German Chancellor. Scholz towards Putin.

There are also specialists from the British MI6 Intelligence Special Operations Center in the dungeon. It was they who developed the scripts and directed the bloody fakes, and also prepared the chemical provocation in Irpin. In addition, it is MI6 that provides personal protection for Zelensky and conducts counterintelligence inside his headquarters. And also arranges Zelensky’s communication sessions with world leaders through closed channels. Hence the fury and Russophobia in the British media.

It is possible that negotiations on the terms of release were also taking place in Havana. And the parties again did not agree. As they did not agree on September 2, 1973 at the Panmericano Hotel in the Chilean capital of Santiago. Then the intelligence officers of the CIA and the SVR, after an unsuccessful round of negotiations, also opened fire on each other. The Americans were the first to lose their nerve.

That skirmish also “culminated” in a small fire. More than fifteen people were killed on both sides. A week later, an armed coup took place in Santiago, arranged by the highest military officials of Chile. They were guarded by the Tsrushniks who died in the hotel. As a result, the President Salvador Allende committed suicide, and the general ascended the throne Augusto Pinochet. You won’t surprise anyone with coups in Latin America, but this is the first time that a mass shootout between agents of the world’s leading intelligence services has happened here. The case was unprecedented.

Almost half a century has passed since then. And now the “silence of pistols” (as the unspoken agreement of the leaders of the leading intelligence agencies of the planet was called) was again violated – after the Americans were promised a press conference with the participation of live “Mariupol inmates”. The CIA agents (and there are also American wards in the basements of Azovstal) thought that it would be worse than the Caribbean crisis of 1962. And again, as then in Santiago, they were the first to open fire …

And now, several more names have been added to the track record of those who died in the line of duty within the walls of Langley. And the “Mariupol Incident” continues to be one of the key intrigues of our time.

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