Jan 24, 2021
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In Germany, they were afraid of the consequences of freezing "Nord Stream – 2"

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Berlin would seriously hurt itself by abandoning the pipeline

In Germany, the debate continues over the need for Nord Stream 2. The Minister of the Environment of Germany Svenja Schulze also spoke on this topic. According to her, the rejection of the project will entail numerous courts.

Schulze said in an interview with RND that Germany needs gas until the moment when the country completely switches to renewable energy sources, which will not harm the environment. She added that the decision to build Nord Stream 2 was made many years ago. Now one can say anything about alternative options, but by abandoning the gas pipeline, the country will create a precedent – the reliability of legal decisions will be shaken. As a result, Berlin will face legal proceedings.

However, while experts are optimistic about the fate of the project. Thus, Gazprom’s statement about the existing risk of freezing SP-2 is purely political. Ekaterina Kosareva, managing partner of the analytical agency WMT Consult, believes that the company is thus putting pressure on the countries interested in the project.

But the analyst of the Finam Group of Companies Ivan Semchenkov believes that it is difficult to talk about what will happen to the project in the near future.

“Energy companies are recovering from the consequences of the pandemic, simple construction increases its cost for Gazprom and foreign partners – each of the interested parties pulls in its direction, but the project does not move,”

– the expert told Izvestia.

Analyst Dmitry Lukashov of SoftLink believes that European partners should protect the project from US sanctions, even though it will not be easy.

In Europe, meanwhile, they say that abandoning Nord Stream 2 is hypocrisy.

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