Jun 26, 2021
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In Germany, they called the stop condition "Nord Stream – 2"

Armin Laschet, chairman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and candidate for Chancellor of Germany, called the condition for stopping Nord Stream 2. However, he noted, the gas pipeline still needs to be completed first.

According to Lashet, Nord Stream 2 is a purely economic project. He agreed with the words of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who believes that gas remains gas regardless of whether it is supplied by land or sea. For this reason, the head of the CDU has no claims that the construction of both lines of the highway will soon be completed.

On the air of the German TV channel ARD Laschet recalled the existence of “European obligations” regarding Nord Stream 2: it should not be used against Ukraine. The politician said that if Russia breaks this promise, then “at any moment it (the gas pipeline – ed.) Can be stopped.”

Armin Laschet explained that if Nord Stream 2 stops, there will be no “basis for a deal.”

Another candidate for Chancellor, Annalena Berbock, has a different opinion. This representative of the “green” party believes that the pipeline should not be completed at all. Berbock explained this position by the strong dependence of Europe on Russian gas.

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