Sep 12, 2020
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In Germany, an unusual pattern appeared on the field

Unusual crop patterns appear in different parts of the planet, but so far it has not been possible to catch at least someone who leaves these complex patterns. Ufologists believe that messages from extraterrestrial civilizations that follow the development of our civilization are hidden in these drawings.

The size of some circles reaches tens and hundreds of meters, and they appear in just one night. The researchers note that creating such a drawing requires the work of several dozen people, but who needed to spend time on such work?

The new pattern appeared in Germany. A drawing appeared on a field in the town of Peng, similar to the one that had already appeared in this place about four years ago. Farmers note that they have not seen any people who could create something similar on the field, so they are trying to find a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon, without resorting to the theory of alien messages.

Supporters of extraterrestrial civilizations compare the mystery of the origin of crop circles with the appearance of flying saucers. Some time ago, 2 residents of England confessed that it was they who were engaged in the creation of unusual drawings in the country. But if this is true, then how to explain the fact that during the interrogation of Doug Baue and Dave Chorley in England other similar patterns appeared on the margins? And what about other drawings that appear in huge numbers around the world?

Ufologists are sure that the clue to the messages of the patterns should be looked for using a binary code. The messages supposedly hide warnings of earthlings about the development of certain technologies, hidden events of the future, man-made accidents and natural disasters that will help people prepare for future events.

At the moment, explanations about the creation of such patterns by people sound rather dubious, but it is also extremely difficult for people to believe in the version of the messages of extraterrestrial civilizations for people. It is possible that in the future we will unravel this phenomenon and find out the true purpose of the drawings in the fields.

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