Apr 20, 2021
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In full. United Russia members supported 100% payment of sick leave to parents

At a meeting held on April 19 with Chairman of the Council of Mothers of Russia movement, expert of the All-Russia People’s Front Tatyana Butskaya, Secretary of the General Council of United Russia, Andrei Turchak supported the initiative to pay parents with children under seven years of temporary disability benefits in full, regardless of the length of service.

“United Russia will support this proposal. This injustice must be eliminated. Young parents are forced to ask their grandparents to sit with their children while they themselves work. This also applies to the parents themselves, who cannot go on sick leave if they get sick, and work to the last. Therefore, let us turn to the President with such a proposal, ”Turchak said.

Butskaya said that the organization receives thousands of requests on this matter. According to her, this issue worries young parents who have recently been students, are studying in universities or are just starting to work.

“Young mothers often have no experience and do not receive 100% of their earnings while on sick leave. Medicines cost the same. They need this money even more than those who have some kind of financial cushion, ”she said. Butskaya thanked the leadership of the party for the initiatives to support families with children.

In 2020, at the initiative of United Russia, the allowance for caring for children up to 1.5 years was doubled to 6.7 thousand rubles. The maximum allowance for those who were left without work during the maternity leave was also increased: from 6,000 to 13,504 rubles.

In addition, the United Russia law came into force, which gives a family the right to place children in one kindergarten and one primary school if their brothers and sisters are already studying there. Reception under the new rules has already begun on April 1, 2021.

Today “United Russia” is dealing with the issue of legislative consolidation of the status of a large family and basic benefits to it, uniform for the whole country. It is planned that this status will be confirmed by a certificate valid in all regions. This will solve the problem when, when changing their place of residence and moving to another constituent entity of the Russian Federation, parents have to re-confirm that they have many children.

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