May 4, 2021
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In France, the ban on military participation in politics has been shaken

In France, a scandal erupts over a publication in a magazine Current values an open letter from 20 retired generals to the president, government and parliamentarians. The letter was originally signed by about a thousand officers and soldiers.

Authors of the letter “Let’s return honor to our rulers!” warn the authorities about the growth of Islamism, about the creation of enclaves on the territory of France where laws do not apply. They call on French leaders to prevent a “racial war” (racial war)… If the authorities don’t, “Our current comrades will intervene in the matter, who will have to take on the dangerous mission of saving our compatriots and our values”

The letter to President Macron is accused of turning law enforcement officers into “scapegoats” during the rallies of the “yellow vests”.

Generals declare to the president that they are ready to serve “Anyone who will defend the interests of the French nation, and there is no time for delay, otherwise tomorrow the civil war will put an end to the growing chaos, and the number of deaths for which you will be responsible will begin to count in the thousands.”

“The hour has come, France is in danger, it is in mortal danger. Remember that, like us, the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens are shocked by your indecision and criminal silence “, – the letter says.

The military was immediately supported by the leader of the National Rally Party Marine Le Pen. She published in the same publication an appeal to the authors of the letter to join her in the “battle for France.”

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron condemned the letter, comparing it to the failed coup of the French military in Algeria in 1961. The chief of the French General Staff, General François Lecointre, called for harsh measures against the active military, of whom there are quite a few among the signatories. And even in relation to retired officers and generals, the government intends to initiate criminal proceedings.

At the same time, according to polls, the military performance resonated with 58% of French citizens. The vast majority of respondents (73%) agree that “Society is in a state of disintegration”… 74% think what causes it “A form of anti-racism that engenders hatred between communities”… And almost half (49%) believe that “The army should intervene without even receiving an order”

84% of respondents believe that violence is increasing day by day; 73% are convinced that the country is collapsing. 93% of respondents supporting the Gaullist party Republicans, and 94% of Marine Le Pen supporters believe that laws don’t work anymore in some cities.

However, the authors of “Letter 20” do not have unconditional support from the military elite. Former military intelligence officer, secretary general of the Free France Foundation, adviser to the French Foreign Ministry, retired colonel Alain Corvez said he refused to sign the “letter 20”: “… it is poorly thought out and condemns the consequences, but not the causes of the problem, although I respect the patriotism of my comrades.” (because it is poorly written and condemns the consequences, but not the causes of the problem, even if I respect the patriotism of my comrades)

Alain Corvez was one of the initiators of a response letter from 14 retired senior officers, in which the reasons are called in a much more harsh form “Mortal danger that threatens France”

Letter 14 states that the French political class has been controlled by international financial institutions for decades; they dominate the mainstream media and dictate who should be president. “The ruling political class follows the roadmap dictated to it from the outside, which leads to the death of our ancient nation as an obstacle on the path of growing globalism.”

Corvez and his associates denounce “Unbridled liberalism, deadly for France, carved in stone in European treaties, leading to the de-industrialization of the country, degradation of the French language, disintegration of the national policy in the field of education and health care; placed under house arrest 66 million Frenchmen with forced wearing of a muzzle, which underlines our slavish adherence to the Anglo-Saxon military-political doctrine “

Outside the letter, Alain Corvez said that in his opinion, shared by some representatives of the French military intelligence and senior generals, the publication of the letter of 20 generals was planned by the Elysee Palace, which used the authors “in the dark” in order to discredit opponents of the government course among the military.

Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson.

Pierre de Villiers

The famous French writer and publicist Dmitry de Koshko (a descendant of the head of the detective police of the Russian Empire, General Arkady Koshko), expressed the opinion that this provocation was started by the government in order to compromise the idol of the French military, the former chief of the French General Staff, General Pierre de Villiers, who enjoys unquestionable authority in army circles : “However, the game went too far, and the support of public opinion turned out to be greater than expected at the Elysee Palace. Injustice, double standards, huge expenses in favor of immigrants, free medicine for them and the robbery of social funds annoy the French. “

“Most likely, Macron will not only not be president, but will not even run for president. The youth are supported by the military “– noted the famous French geopolitician, founder of the United Defense College Francois Thual.

Pierre de Villiers with Macron

The French media write that General Pierre de Villiers, who was chief of the General Staff until 2017, supports the “novice putschists”. When President Macron decided to cut the military budget by 850 million euros at once, de Villiers resigned. And a week before the publication of “letter 20” Current values published a column by his brother, the famous politician Philippe de Villiers, entitled “I call for an uprising!” the publication protests against senseless quarantines imposed on the French by the European Union.



In general, the leading French media condemned the “letter 20”. Military newspaper columnist L’Opinion Jean-Dominique Mershet hastened to defend the head of the French General Staff, General Lecointre, from the insulting attacks of the letter’s authors. Peace quotes critics of the “general’s platform… So, the founder of the party “Unconquered France” Jean-Luc Melanchon condemned “A startling statement by soldiers who have arrogated to themselves the right to urge their colleagues to attack Islamists.”, recalling that such misconduct is punishable under article 413-3 of the Criminal Code.

“60 years after the start of the Algerian putsch, 20 generals openly threaten the republic with a military coup”, – former socialist presidential candidate Benoit Amon was indignant on Twitter. New Democratic National Assembly deputy Aurelien Tachet is frightened by the letter from 20 generals and believes that “French democracy is under threat”

Employee of the Paris Academy of Geopolitics Alesya Miloradovich in an interview FSK noted that the French military, although they sympathize with Marine Le Pen, see their idol, General Pierre de Villiers, as the future president of France: “He is an aristocrat, Catholic and a brilliant military man with an impeccable biography. Now leading right-wing conservative politicians in France, for example Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, are calling on the opposition to rally to prevent Macron from entering the second round of the presidential election. They, in particular, persuade Pierre de Villiers to take at least a formal participation in these elections “

The charismatic general still refuses to go into politics. However, discontent is growing. The letter of 20 generals has been posted on the Internet and has been signed by several thousand Frenchmen wearing military uniforms. And the rating of Emmanuel Macron is falling, who, as Senator and former French Minister of Defense Gerard Longuet noted, never knew how to handle the army and did not understand it.

In France, the foundations of European bourgeois civilization were shaken – the ban on military participation in politics.

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