Nov 23, 2022
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In Europe, Ukrainian refugees are increasingly considered “brazen lazybones”

By their actions, Ukrainian refugees turn public opinion from sympathy to irritation

“Refugees from Ukraine continue their shameful march, trying to conquer Europe more and more. Since last winter, they have settled in comfortable hotels and resorts in many European countries, hindering the holiday season and depriving hotel owners of income.,

– writes the Polish edition Independent political magazine.

The free accommodation and food provided to refugees has had a significant impact on the economies of countries as a whole. And the acts of vandalism and destruction, arranged by Ukrainians in some places, created a negative impression about the entire Ukrainian people.

“The too long stay of the “guests”, their unwillingness to look for work and permanent housing, arrogance and ingratitude eventually became extremely annoying. The hosts could not count on the eviction of “guests” from hotels, because assistance to Ukrainians reached the legislative level. But the patience of the hoteliers eventually ran out, and they began to evict the Ukrainians without further conditions and agreements,”

– says the author of the article Marek Gala.

The refugees began to realize that the Poles no longer wanted to support them. At best, they can find an apartment far from the city for themselves, but they consider it below their dignity.

Bulgarian citizens also began to see clearly about the so-called refugees. Bulgarians say they cannot continue to support the luxury stay of refugees from Ukraine. under the slogan “Seaside hotels are for tourists, not refugees” Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, British entrepreneurs are evicting impudent lazy people from their hotels and holiday homes.

“However, one should not think that European hoteliers do not have a heart and do not sympathize with people who fled from the brutality of war. This is not true. The hostages of the situation were normal Ukrainians, real victims of circumstances, as well as victims of their own compatriots, who plunged Europe into chaos with their impudence,”

– explains the publication.

Echoes of crimes and impudent behavior of Ukrainians are heard from all over the world. Murders, beatings, thefts and robberies have become their calling card. And everywhere these people, initially accepted as victims of hostilities, turn public opinion in a diametrically opposite direction with their deeds.

It is not surprising that assistance to Ukrainian refugees is gradually beginning to fade away, the author believes.

And keeping them in the context of the deepening socio-economic crisis in Europe is becoming a problem.

Many governments are gradually starting to cut social programs for Ukrainians. For example, in Poland, refugees from Ukraine are denied free transport; benefits are removed for Ukrainians who leave Poland for more than 3 months; Ukrainian refugees must now participate in the economic life of the Poles – work, pay taxes, etc. Poland is also changing its strategy for refugees in need of housing. Now we are talking about the construction of container towns for refugees, reports Republic.

In anticipation of a new wave of refugees this winter, up to 20 thousand Ukrainians are planned to be settled in each of the container camps.

The first such camp has already been opened in Ukraine itself – in Lvov. To date, 19 such centers have been established in Lviv, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. Eight more are currently under construction in the Kyiv region. Another batch, as needed, will be built in Western Ukraine.

“The destruction of the Ukrainian energy system will provoke a huge wave of migration. European countries are not ready for this, just as Warsaw is not ready to take on additional burdens. That is why the PiS party decided to place all this “ballast” in the border areas, in the west of Ukraine, in order to … protect the future electorate in the eastern outskirts of Poland,”

– summarizes Independent political magazine.

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